Research Internship Opportunity 2016-2017

Think Tanks and Civil Societies Internship Program

The TTCSP internship is intended to give you an intensive professional experience in public policy and international affairs.  It is a volunteer opportunity that will enable you to contribute to the academic and policy communities in the US and abroad. The internship requires you to employ your research and analytical skills, as well as, you knowledge of domestic and international affairs to produce a series of professional quality work products. You will work independently and in groups so time and task management, as well as, the ability to multi-task are essential requirements of the program.

The Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program, University of Pennsylvania is a global research program that examines the gap between knowledge, policy and governance around the world. Since its inception in 1989,TTCSP has focused on collecting data and conducting research on think tank trends and the role think as civil society actors in the policymaking process. In 2007, TTCSP developed and launched the global index of think tanks which is designed to identify and recognize centers of excellence in all the major areas of public policy research and in every region of the world. To date TTCSP has provided technical assistance and capacity building programs in 83 countries. The TTCSP is now working to create regional and global networks of think tanks in an effort to facilitate collaboration and the production of a modest yet achievable set of global public goods.  Our goal is to create lasting institutional and state-level partnerships by engaging and mobilizing think tanks that have demonstrated their ability to produce high quality policy research that shape popular and elite opinion and serve as a catalyst for policies and programs that serve the public good.


TTCSP Research Internships 2016-2017 Academic Year 


 Bachelor’s or Master’s degree (or degree in progress) in International Relations, Political Science, English, Global Studies, International Business, Marketing, Computer Science, and Engineering.

 Ability to intern for 15hrs/ A Minimum four months commitment. Gap year internship also available 25-30 hours a week

 Proficiency with MS Office Suite, particularly Word and Excel

 Excellent internet research and documentation skills

 Excellent writing, proofreading, and editing skills in English

 Very comfortable using different digital and  social media platforms

 Demonstrated knowledge and interest in  international relations/or public policy

 Ability to apply superb attention to detail and to plan, organize, and prioritize work

 Eagerness to be creative and take initiative on new ideas and projects

 Ability to work in a small team or independently as needed


Duties and Responsibilities 

 Research topics include: global go to think tank index; think tanks and policy advice in the following regions Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin America, North America; security international affairs, foreign policy and security challenges facing the emerging powers, organization and policy.

 Report to the Research Coordinator and Director

 Collect data, conduct literature searches and literature reviews, conduct analysis and research

 Track grant opportunities

 Update contact databases

 Monitor national and global newsfeeds and selected web sites on think tanks, policy advice and project specific issues.

 Participate in career development and research related lectures and events

 Some data entry and administrative duties

 Assist with social media (Twitter and Facebook)

 Other related duties as assigned.



 Unpaid

Applications Instructions:

To apply please submit your resume, 1-3 references and a short note outlining how the internship fits into your career and educational plan. Materials should be sent in .doc/.docx or .pdf format by email to Dr McGann [email protected]Applications are accepted on a rolling-basis until all internships are awarded.



§ Interest in international relations, domestic and foreign policy

§ High level of academic performance (generally a GPA of 3.5 or higher)

§ Available 10-15 hrs/week for 15 weeks for full time students and 25-30 hours for Gap Year students


2016 Summits (Research and Summit Planning)

Regional and global summits are planned during the summer 2016. Interns will help conduct research on think tanks and policy advice in each region and plan and implement the think tank summit.

3rd Africa Summit,  TBA

4nd Europe Summit, TBA

3rd North America Summit, TBA

4th Asia Summit, TBA

3rd Global Summit, TBA

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What are the housing accommodations? Are we able to live on campus at UPenn, or do we need to find housing off campus?

– Unfortunately we do not provide housing for interns and on campus living is exclusively for UPenn students. In terms of living arrangements on campus, Penn provides Summer housing for Penn and Non-Penn students.


International House Philadelphia is also open to public.


Additionally, websites such as Craigslist and Pennlets are helpful in terms of finding local housing.


2. Will we have access to UPenn resources, such as the library, dining halls, gym, etc.?

– You will have an access to the library as a visitor if you show your ID at the counter. Some dining halls are open to public.


3. Where is the TTCSP office in Philadelphia located? Is that the on-campus office?

– The office is located on the first floor of Lauder-Fischer Hall on campus.

 Address: 256 S. 37th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104


4. When we are not present at one (two for summer internships) of the weekly meetings, where will we be conducting our work? Are we allowed to conduct our work within the TTCSP office?

– You can choose to work in the office or any other locations such as library, building on campus, etc.