Dr. Arthur C. Brooks, President of AEI, Speaks at Penn

AEI at Penn, the Penn Wharton Public Policy Initiative, Penn Government and Politics Association, College Republicans and the Federalist Society at Penn Law were pleased to host Dr. Arthur Brooks for a discussion in September… click here to read full article

KazISS Hosts the Third Meeting of the Official Foreign Policy Research Centers of the Member States of the Turkic Council

Gabriella Schneider, TTCSP

The Third Meeting of the Official Foreign Policy Research Centers of the Member States of the Turkic Council was held in Astana, Kazakhstan on May 25, 2016. Hosted by the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan (KazISS), the workshop brought together 30 participants… click here to read full article

Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy’s Asia Competitiveness Institute Hosts the Asia Competitiveness Institute–World Bank Greater China–India Economic Forum

Adnan Jaafar, TTCSP

The Asia Competitiveness Institute (ACI)–World Bank Greater China–India Economic Forum was held at Lobby of Oei Tiong Ham Building, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public PolicyNational University of Singapore, Singapore on September 2nd, 2016. Jointly organized by ACI and the World Bank Group… click here to read full article

Size (and Style) Do Matter

José Luis Chicoma & Eugenia Sepúlveda, Ethos Laboratorio de Políticas Públicas

At Ethos Laboratorio de Políticas Públicas, the Mexican think tank where we work, there are two primary age groups: Millennials and Generation X. Normally, when we ask the Millennials how they stay informed on current events, the response is that they mostly read the articles that their friends and contacts post on social networks… Click here to read full article

Public-Private Partnerships: “A New Direction of The Economic Policy of Kazakhstan”

W. Johannes Wesselhoeft

In May, the Kazakhstan Public-Private Partnership Center hosted a roundtable entitled, “A New Direction of The Economic Policy of Kazakhstan,” in conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania’s Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program and the Economic Research Institute (Kazakhstan) in Kazakhstan’s capital city, Astana… Click here to read full article

Global Engagement in the Think Tank World

Matthew McCarry, TTCSP

One of the hallmarks of an effective think tank is a strong engagement strategy, which focuses on getting research “in the right hands at the right time”. In practice, engagement policy revolves around engaging key audiences and timing…Click here to read full article

2016 China-United States University and Think Tank Forum

Chloe Lubin, TTCSP

The 2016 China-United States University and Think Tank Forum brought together 90 senior executives and university professors from 50 top think tanks based in 4 different countries. Organized and co-hosted by Peking University and Stanford University, the forum took place at Beijing University, China, on June 6-7, 2016… Click here to read full article

2016 Xiangshan Global Think Tank Forum

Julia Taladay, TTCSP

On June 5, the think tank Pangoal, based in China, hosted the 2016 Global Think Tank Forum in Xiangshan, China. Ninety-four participants attended from both China and the United States. The forum brought together thirteen presidents and executive directors, eight vice presidents, eleven directors and six editors from seventy different organizations… Click here to read full article

2016 China Think Tank Innovation Summit

Weiwei Liu, TTCSP

The 2016 China Think Tank Innovation Summit, which was held on June 6, 2016 in Beijing, China at the Penn Wharton China Center brought together 119 participants from 28 think tanks of 5 countries, 6 government branches and 31 media platforms… Click here to read full article

Innovation Summit 2015: Paving the Way to the Think Tank of the Future 

Chloe Lubin, TTCSP

For think tanks, it’s either “Innovate or Die” announced a Washington Post article from October 6, 2015. The world is undergoing… Click here to read full article

Asian Think Tank Summit 2016: “Sustainable Development Goals in the Asian Landscape: Think Tanks as Catalysts for Policy Analyses and Implementation” 

Matthew McCarry, TTCSP

Representatives from over 40 different countries representing 50 different think tanks attended the 4th annual Asian Think Tank Summit held in Seoul, Korea… Click to read full article 

Africa Think Tank Summit 2016

Gwen Garrison, TTCSP

Over 100 of the leading think tanks in Africa and the MENA region have confirmed their participation in … Click to read full article.

New Book from TTCSP on Think Tanks and Sustainable Development Goals. Gwyn Garrison

The Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program (TTCSP) is pleased to announce the publication … Click to read full article.

[Guest Blog] Why Think Tanks Matter to Policy Makers and the Public. Pakistan Horizon

Read about a Go To Think Tank Index Launch event in Pakistan … Click to read full article.

Over 100 Cities to Celebrate Why #ThinkTanksMatter. Saskia Kercy, TTCSP

Over one hundred think tanks and other civil society actors around the world are joining … Click to read full article.

Institute of Welsh Affairs’ Innovative Use of New Platforms for Research and Policy Influence. Anar Bata and Gwyn Garrison, TTCSP

The world of think tanks is often envisaged as a flurry of policy briefs and papers inundating the halls of power, but … Click to read full article.

November 13th, 2015 Weekly Think Tank Round-Up. Gwyn Garrison, TTCSP

From Chicago as a potential new hub for foreign affairs analysis to Cambodian think tank advocacy, a look at newsmakers in the world of think tanks. Click to read full article.

Think Tanks Weigh In on Potential of “Brexit” Anar Bata, TTCSP

There has been much focus on the possibility of a forced Greek exit, or ‘Grexit,’ from the European Union but less attention has been placed on the possibility of a willing ‘Brexit.’  Click to read full article.

“We’re hosting 2.5 million and Nobody Cares”: The Refugee Crisis and Turkey-EU Relations: Commentary Round-Up, Gwyn Garrison, TTCSP

As Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, attempts to coax Turkey into more fully committing to containing the flow of Syrian refugees to Europe, her latest move is to propose steps that would facilitate for Turkey an easier path to European Union membership. Click to read full article

Social Integration and the Refugee Crisis in Europe, Gwyn Garrison, TTCSP

The refugee crisis in Europe shows no signs of abating, though the EU leadership recently outlined intermediate steps towards managing the influx of migrants. Click to read full article

For think tanks, its either innovate or die, James McGann Published October 6 in the Washington Post

Beginning in the 1970s, public policy research institutions experienced explosive growth — today there are over 6,500 think tanks worldwide, with representation in virtually every country. Click to read the article.

Are think tanks obsolete? Amanda Bennett, Published October 5 in the Washington Post

Contributions from James McGann, Andrew Schwartz, Donald Abelson and others

If we think about Washington the way we think about Detroit, then the organizations that line Massachusetts Avenue are like the capital’s factories. Click to read the article.

Greece’s Next Steps, Anar Bata (TTCSP Intern)

The political and economic situation in Greece has been a popular topic in the media in recent years, with the most recent headlines focusing on the re-election of Prime Minister’s Tsipras’ government. Click to read full article.

Global Readership of TTCSP’s Publications, TTCSP

Click to see a live representation of the world-wide reach of TTCSP’s publications. 

Call for Nominations for the 2015 Global Go To Think Tank Index, TTCSP

Round I Think Tank Nominations Aug 1- Sept 30, Round II Think Tank Ranking Oct 1 – Oct 30…click to read more

2014 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report, TTCSP

Click to download report

First North American think tank summit sees Twitter discussion, Melissa Lawford, The Daily Pennsylvanian

Representatives from 59 think tanks across…click to read full article

The Ukrainian Protests: Lessons for Think Tanks in Eastern Europe, Miranda Lupion

The international community has long…click to read full post

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